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  • On Windows 10, there are plenty ways to backup your system and data without having to resort to third-party solutions, and the built-in system image tool is one of them. A system image is a backup that contains everything stored on your computer, including the full installation of Windows 10 settings, applications, and all your files, as well as any additional drives you may have connected. If [...]

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    Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

    September 1, 2021

    Cortana Shortcuts Windows + Q: Opens Cortana's Home View, enables search by speech or keyboard input. Windows + C: Opens Cortana's speech prompt New in Windows 10 Windows Key + A: Opens Windows 10 notifications Windows Key + I: Opens Windows 10 settings Windows Key + Ctrl + D: Creates new virtual desktop Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes current virtual desktop Windows Key + Ctrl + Left or [...]

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    Fake Tech Support Scam

    August 8, 2021

    Windows Defender may stop malware and cyberattacks, consumers still need to be susceptible to a different type of threat that is gaining popularity. Microsoft warns that tech support scams are on the rise, with consumers losing between $200 and $400 per incident as a result of these social engineering attacks — something Windows users aren’t going to like hearing at all. In [...]

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