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  • Data Recovery


    Bhosted.net can recover your computer data from laptop, desktop, external hard drives and RAID.

    Our hard drive data recovery services can save your company when mission critical data is on the line.

    From hard drive failure, software corruption, and even human error (when someone accidentally deletes files or formats a hard drive).

    We recover data from a variety of devices:

    • Any hard drive
    • USB external drive
    • iPod and MP3 players
    • Cell phones and other mobile devices

    For businesses, individuals, government agencies, schools, and universities.


    Two Types of Hard Drive Problems: Logical and Mechanical

    • Harddrive clicks or makes noises
    • Hard drive doesn't spin up (whirring sound)
    • You can't locate the hard drive on your computer
    • Accidental formatting of a drive
    • Accidental deletion of files
    • Corrupt data
    • Data encryption issue
    • RAID recovery issue

    Logical Hard Drive Failure

    The computer hard drive is not broken with a logical hard drive failure. The hard drive data architecture is there, but the hard drive can't read and sort data properly.

    The logical hard drive failure can mainly be pinpointed to human error like accidental file movement. Your hard drive can crash if you accidentally delete, move or overwrite software system files.

    Mechanical Hard Drive Failure

    This occurs when a hard drive is physically abused. Think of a laptop that's just thrown on a couch or dropped on the floor. Mechanical failure also occurs in desktop drives mostly due to age of the drive. There is a problem with the internal components of the hard drive. You will usually hear a clicking noise when the computer is on.

    If you hear a clicking sound when you turn on a laptop that has just suffered from a nasty fall, chances are that you have broken the integrity of your hard disk drive.

    What Types of Data Do You Need to Recover?

    • Financial Data: Quickbooks, Quicken and more.
    • Digital photos and pictures.
    • Emails, Contacts, Schedules, Tasks.
    • Databases: SQL, Microsoft Access and more.
    • Documents: Documents, Spreadsheets, PDFs, PowerPoint.
    • Graphic Design