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  • Secure Email

  •  Encrypted email services must be a high priority for organizations that routinely use email to share sensitive data with employees and partners.

     Emailing information like financial records, customer data and new product ideas can be risky unless encrypted email services are employed. Unprotected messages can easily be subject to inadvertent or malicious data leaks that result in fines, legal action, damage to reputation and loss of business.

     Traditional encrypted email services have been difficult to deploy, adding additional administrative burden to IT teams already facing constrained budgets. Some encryption for email solutions even require end users to download software in order to receive encrypted messages.

     Bhosted.net provides a solution for sending encrypted email that is both easy for employees and recipients to use and for administrators to deploy and manage, helping to improve adoption and protect sensitive data more effectively.

     The emails are always encrypted, even when stored on the Secure Bhosted.net servers. Every email, between Bhosted.net users, is sent encrypted from the user’s device to our server, stored on the server encrypted, and then the email is transmitted encrypted to the end Bhosted.net user.

     Encrypted emails all the way make sure that even in the case of a breach the messages are secure and nobody except the Bhosted.net user knows its content.